About Us

Mission Statement:

Provide the world with a credible and affordable source of clean water.


Develop, improve, and enhance efficiency of water treatment techniques, while educating the public on water quality issues.


Become the world’s most resourceful water quality improvement organization by attaining the largest water information encyclopedia.

The WATERWORLD LIBRARY & RESOURCE CENTER shall be forever expanding to reach every corner of our blue planet.

Knowledge is Power!

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Driven Welcome to Waterworld USA, where our commitment to revolutionizing water treatment technology has propelled us to global leadership. With a stellar track record of over 1 million systems sold worldwide through our dedicated dealer network, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and offering a comprehensive range of water treatment products supported by unparalleled technical expertise.

Established in 1994, Waterworld USA embarked on a mission to improve lives through cutting-edge advancements in water treatment. Our humble beginnings in a garage in Sugarland, TX, saw us passionately exploring innovative water treatment solutions. By 1996, we achieved a significant milestone with the development of our first domestic drinking water system. This marked the beginning of our unwavering commitment to providing accessible and safe water, especially in developing countries.

Now For us at Waterworld USA, our journey extends beyond technology, it is about making a meaningful impact on communities globally by ensuring access to clean and safe water. Join us as we continue to grow and collaborate with our valued dealers, playing a pivotal role in expanding our reach and making a positive difference in the world. Together, let’s build a future where clean water is a reality for everyone.

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