If you are looking for ways to drink more water, well look no further! You might not be drinking enough water now, but here’s a few tips to boost that water intake.

1-Water infusion – you may not like the taste of water or want to make it more of an enjoyable experience, try these out:

  • Lemon, Lime, Cucumber or Orange slices
  • Mint, Basil, Rosemary or Cilantro
  • Fresh raspberries, blueberries, or melons

Try out any of these combinations and see which one works for you!

2-Sports fans, this one’s for you. During a regulation game of either basketball, baseball, hockey or football; during any timeouts, take a several sips of water. At the end of the game, whether your team wins or loses, at least you will be hydrated.

3-MARKED Water Bottles! Most of us love seeing results in real time. Well if your water bottle had indicators listing how much water you should consume, by what time, won’t that make it all the more fun and challenging? That way, you can pace yourself and still get your proper daily hydration!

4-Water filters! Yes, water filters will change your experience with water as you know it. Water filtration systems will give your water a crispier more desirable taste and on top of that are contaminant free, so you can drink directly from your tap with 100% peace of mind. This tip serves as a two for one for people who are environmentally and waste reduction centric, as not only are you reducing the number of plastic bottles in our landfills but are helping save our planet.

5-Hitting the gym, fill up and take that reusable water bottle, finish it by the end of your workout session. It will be another motivating factor for you to have an even intense workout. Cause everything you sweat out, you can refuel with water immediately.

6-Sparkling water. Some of us just have a knack for fizzy drinks and if you are that person, you can opt for a healthier water substitute. Bonus points for any individuals who use an at home soda stream to make their water fizzy!

7-Eat your water! Yes, you read that right. The following foods have high concentration of water and would make great additions for helping you hit your water intake goal.

  • Lettuce/Celery/Watermelon/Zucchini/Cabbage

8-Set SMART goals. Just like everything else in life, to achieve a set goal, you need a Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Realistic/Time-bound goal. If you do that for your water consumption, you are more likely to attain it.