The increase in rampant wildfires in California has become a growing concern. Each wildfire leaves an insurmountable level of destruction in its wake. As the frequency and size of these fires increase so do the loss of homes, wildlife, and human lives

Another concern is the aftermath of the wildfires in relation to the public water supply. These wildfires have unleashed a wide spectrum of chemicals like carcinogen benzene that have contaminated our water. Benzene is an odorless chemical that can result in various cancers, anemia, and other life-threatening diseases. City officials confirmed that the extreme heat caused by the wildfires led to the melting of plastic pipelines which were ultimately sucked into the main water supply. This led to a significant increase in benzene levels in the water supply. Despite city officials acting on the following as soon as possible, tainted water made it to the public water supply and remained prevalent for multiple weeks following the initial incident.

So far there have been no reports of any harm due to the water supply being tainted but it’s important to consider that benzene affects people through prolonged exposure. City officials are baffled by the incident and have no infrastructures in place to prevent this from continuing to happen. Officials are working towards a viable solution but that may take upwards of several years to implement.

Whether its a wildfire or some other natural disaster, to protect yourself and loved ones from tainted water it’s important to have a trustworthy and robust water filtration system. Having a water filtration system will serve as your primary defense in making sure you are getting SAFE drinking water at all times. Don’t only rely on municipal water systems which although are maintained well can sometimes fail and have various weaknesses.

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