14.1: United Tanks® Brine Tanks


  • Complete kits include well, lid, valve and grid plate
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable


  • Water softeners

    United Tanks® Brine Tanks And Accessories

    Complete Brine Tank Asssembly, BW, SBV, and Salt Grid

    Item Description
    UTBT-1335BK-ASSY Square Brine Tank Assembly 13″X35″ Black, Complete
    UTBT-1535BK-ASSY Square Brine Tank Assembly 15″X35″ Black, Complete
    UTBT-1632BK-ASSY Round Brine Tank Assembly 16″X32″ Black, Complete
    UTBT-1835BK-ASSY Round Brine Tank Assembly 18″X35″ Black, Complete

    Brine Tanks Only

    Item Description
    UTBT-1335BK Square Brine Tank 13″X35″ Black
    UTBT-1535BK Square Brine Tank 15″X35″ Black,
    UTBT-1632BK Round Brine Tank 16″X32″ Black
    UTBT-1835BK Round Brine Tank 18″X35″ Black

    United Tanks Brine tank Lids

    Item Description
    UTBT-LID-13SQ-BK Lid only, hard, for 13″ UTBT Square TB, black
    UTBT-LID-15SQ-BK Lid only, hard, for 15″ UTBT Square TB, black
    UTBT-LID-16RD-BK Lid only, hard, for 16″ UTBT Square TB, black
    UTBT-LID-18RD-BK Lid only, hard, for 18″ UTBT Square TB, black

    UTBT Brine Tank Parts

    Item Description
    UTBT-BW4030-ASSY UTBT Brine Well 4″ X 30″ – Complete with 3/8″ SBV
    UTBT-BW4030 UTBT Brine Well Only 4″ x 30″
    UTBT-BW40-CAP UTBT Brine Well Cap
    UTBT-SBV38 UTBT Safety Brine Valve with Float 3/8″ JCO
    UTBT-SBV-38-ASSY UTBT Sold Grid Assembly

    Salt Grids

    Item Description
    UTBT-SG-13SQ UTBT Salt Grid 13″ Square, 4″ Hole
    UTBT-SG-15SQ UTBT Salt Grid 15″ Square, 4″ Hole
    UTBT-SG-16RD UTBT Salt Grid 16″ Round, 4″ Hole
    UTBT-SG-18RD UTBT Salt Grid 18″ Round, 4″ Hole