17.25: Clack WS2


  • 1½" top mount control valve suited for mid-size commercial/industrial applications
  • Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate and total volume used (Totalizer)
  • Four methods to initiate regeneration; meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed or pressure differential
  • Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
  • Fully adjustable 6-cycle control delivers controlled backwash, down-flow brining/slow rinse, second backwash, fast rinse, refill and down-flow service
  • 12 volt transformer provides safe and easy installation
  • Treated water regenerant refill
  • Lead free brass valve body
  • Economical optional meter
  • Service flow rate of 60 GPM, backwash 50 GPM
  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings

      Valve Specifications

      Service @ 15 psi drop 34 gpm (includes meter and bypass)
      Backwash @ 25 psi drop 27 GPM (includes bypass)

      Tank Applications

      Softener Filter (1) 6″ – 21″ diameter
      Filter (1) 6″ – 21″ diameter
      Inlet/Outlet Fitting Connections 1″ – 1.25″ NPT
      ¾” – 1.5″ Sweat
      ¾” – 1.5″ Solvent
      ¾” – 1″ SharkBite®
      Valve Material Cycles Noryl (2) Up to 6
      Regeneration Down-flow/Up-flow
      Operating Pressures 20 – 125 psi
      Operating Temperatures 40° – 110° F


      Flow Rate Range 0.25 – 34 GPM
      Volume Range (gallons) 20 – 50,000 gallons
      Totalizer Yes
      Distributor Pilot 1.32″ O.D. Pipe
      1″ NPS
      Drain Line Connection ¾” Male NPT Standard

      1″ Male NPT Optional
      Brine Line Connection ⅜” or ½” O.D. Poly Tube Compression
      Mounting Base Options 2½” – 8 NPSM
      Height From Top of Tank 7⅜”
      Shipping Weight 4.5 lbs.


      Supply Voltage 120V AC
      Supply Frequency 60 Hz
      Output Voltage 12V AC
      Output Current 500 mA
      1. Filter Tank Size Calculated @10 GPM of Backwash Per Square Foot of Bed Area
      2. Noryl Is A Trademark Of Sabic Innovative Plastics IP B.V. Company
      3. Acquired By Use Of External Drain Line Flow Control

      WS2 Control Valves:

      Item Description
      CLK-WS200EEM WS2 EE Valve, 2″ Metered DF, 12V, 4-Button Fully Adjustable, Specify DLFC & BLFC
      CLK-WS150SPM WS2 SP Valve, 2″ Metered DF, Solar Powered, 4-Button Fully Adj, Specify DLFC & BLFC
      CLK-WS150TC WS2 TC Valve, 2″ Time Clock DF, 12V, 4-Button, Specify DLFC & BLFC
      CLK-WS150BW WS2 BW Valve, 2″ Backwash DF, 12V, 4-Button, Specify DLFC

      WS2 Accessories:

      Item Description
      CLK-V3783WC-A Almond Weather Cover For WS2
      CLK-V3783WC-W White Weather Cover For WS2
      CLK-V3162-XXX ¾” Drain Line Flow Control, WS1/Ws1.25/WS1.5/WS2, Specify Size
      CLK-V3190-XXX 1″ Drain Line Flow Control, WS1/WS1.25/WS1.5/WS2, Specify Size
      CLK-V3079-XXX 1.25″X1.5″ Drain Line Flow Control, WS1.5/WS2, Specify Size
      CLK-V3010-15X Injector Assembly (Brine), WS1.5/WS2l, Specify Color & Size
      CLK-V3186 12Vac Transformer, Us 110V, WS1/WS1.25/WS1.5 Adapter 500 MA
      CLK-V3186-OD 12Vac Transformer, Us 110V, WS1/WS1.25/WS1.5 Outdoor Adapter 500 MA

      WS1.5 Parts & Service Kits:

      Item Description
      CLK-V3725 Piston Assy, Downflow, WS2
      CLK-V3174 Piston Assy, Regenerant (Brine), WS2
      CLK-V3430 Spacer Stack Assy, WS2
      CLK-V3886 Spacer Stack Assy, WS2, No Hard Water Bypass
      CLK-V3010-15X Injector Assembly, WS1.5/WS2l, Specify Color & Size
      CLK-V3728 Drive Cap Assembly, WS1.5/WS2
      CLK-V3003-02 Meter Commercial Assembly, WS1.5/WS2l/WS2h
      CLK-V3408-03 PC Circuit Board With Battery, WS1EE/WS1.25EE/WS1.5EE/WS2EE (4-Button)

      ^ Suggested list price FOB Houston, Texas. Actual cost may vary. Subject to change without notice. Call for items not listed.