21:21 HydroBlue WiFi

The HyroBlue WiFi Water Softener is the next generation in smart water technology. This advanced water softener will give you the ability to monitor your water from anywhere in the world while protecting your largest investment, your home.


  • DROP App to control system from Anywhere
  • Provides text messages, emails and/or push notifications for low salt and other system information to your smartphone
  • Able to shut off water to home with Drop App
  • Proprietary two valve manual bypass with 1” MNPT connections
  • Eliminates hardness (Calcium & Magnesium)
  • Water usage data and history
  • Demand initiated regeneration
  • Treated water refill with pre-brine option
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • 9V battery back up for loss of power

    The HyroBlue WiFi Water Softener utilizes a patented piston design that provides the ability to shut off water to the home. When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this system provides all the benefits of a top of the line water softener, home leak protection, and a water conservation system in one.

    DROP Hub and Remote

    This state-of-the-art smart water monitor is the heart and brains of the DROP Connect smart water monitoring system. It integrates with all your residential water treatment devices. DROP Softeners and Filters require a DROP Hub to function.

    The DROP Remote shows the status of your DROP system at a glance and allows you to conveniently turn your water supply on or off. The Remote also extends the range of the DROP Link mesh network.

    DROP Leak Detectors

    Place DROP Leak Detectors under sinks and dishwashers, behind toilets or washing machines, near your water heater, or anywhere that water might leak or collect. If a leak or freezing temperature is detected, the Leak Detector will have the HyroBlue WiFi Water Softener turn off your water.

    Product Specifications HydroBlue WiFi-M HydroBlue WiFi-L HydroBlue WiFi-XL
    Capacity / Salt Used per Regeneration 32,000 Grains / 15 lbs 48,000 Grains / 24 lbs 64,000 Grains / 30 lbs
    Maximum Clear Iron / Magnesium 5 ppm 5 ppm 5 ppm
    Exchange Resin 1.0 ft3 1.5 ft3 2.0 ft3
    Mineral Tank 9 x 48 polyglass 10 x 54 polyglass 12 x 52 polyglass
    Brine Tank 15×35 polyethylene 15×35 polyethylene 15×35 polyethylene
    Service Flow Rate ** 10.0 gpm 2.0 gpm 2.4 gpm
    Back wash flow rate 78 90 117
    Electrical Requirements 12V DC Power Supply (included)
    Battery Backup 9V Battery Backup for power loss
    Product Dimensions and Size D: 16in W: 27in H: 56in D: 16in W: 28in H:62in D: 16in W: 30in H: 60in
    Approximate Shipping Weight 100 lbs 133 lbs 164 lbs