3.2: Mixed Bed (DI) Resin Cartridges

DI resin cartridges. A mixture of strong acid cation resin (Hydrogen form), and Strong Base Anion Resin (Hydroxide form). 50% Cation and 50% Anion, with a volumetric ratio of 1:1. Typically used to reduce TDS down to zero.


  • Compact, easy to use water softener cartridges
  • High purity DI resin 50% Cation and 50% Anion
  • Fits standard size and large diameter size housings


  • High purity at low flow applications
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory grade water
  • Fish tanks and horticulture applications
  • Post-treatment filter on a multi-stage configuration
  • Residential, commercial, and light industrial applications (laboratory)

Materials of Construction:

  • Filter Media: Polystyrene Gel crosslinked with DVB
  • Outer Shell and End Caps: Polypropylene
  • Post-Filter & Expansion Pads: Polypropylene
  • Gaskets: Nitrile
  • Temperature Rating: 40-125°F

Mixed Bed Deionization (DI) Resin Cartridges

Item Filter Size* Media Media Weight Filter Life* Box Qty
SP-10-MBDI 2.5” X 10” 50% CATION, 50% ANION 1.5 LBS. 1,200 ppm TDS 20
SP-20-MBDI 2.5” X 20” 3.0 LBS. 2,400 ppm TDS 12
SP-10BB-MBDI 4.5” X 10” 4.0 LBS. 3,200 ppm TDS 6
SP-20BB-MBDI 4.5” X 20” 8.0 LBS. 6,400 ppm TDS 6

* Specifications are nominal, intended for reference only. Filter life depends on operating conditions.

^ Suggested list price FOB Houston, Texas. Actual cost may vary. Subject to change without notice. Call for items not listed.