A study recently published by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) showed evidence of waterborne diseases that are now formulating inside the pipes of millions of homes.

Here’s a quick summary of their analysis but click here to see the full study.

  • Biofilm, a fungi/amoeba can be a safe haven for certain microbes.
    •  Microbes such as Legionella bacteria (which can grow, escape into the air, and ultimately kill the recipient)
  • Biofilm has been found in 6 million miles of plumbing ranging from purposes such as drinking, sanitation, cooling, and heating systems all across the United States.
  • 90% of all previous waterborne disease hospitalizations are by pathogens that used biofilm as a safe haven.
  • The CDC estimated that the following has led to 7 million waterborne illnesses, 6,630 deaths, and health care costs in the excess of $3 billion dollars.
  • Infrastructurally this will be by no means a quick fix due to aging pipes, unregulated water systems for approximately 43 million people, and lack of funding.

What you can do to protect yourself, and your family:

  • Understand your home plumbing system, see where the water comes from, and how it is distributed across the house.
  • If a faucet has not been in use for prolonged periods, run cold water for two minutes and then switch the water too hot.
  • Flush your water heater.
  • Lastly and most importantly, invest in a water filter. Water filters can help protect you and your family with their ability to remove any and all harmful toxins. Since the ability to change the source of the water in your home is quite limited using a premium water filter can effectively treat your water. A filter can remove any harmful toxins and whatever the purpose of the water may be, i.e. showering, drinking, cleaning, you will have peace of mind, knowing it is removed of all impurities.

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