Time to talk about water softeners. We have written about reverse osmosis, its works, and the different components you typically find in a good quality RO System in past articles. We consider the water that an RO system produces the most important because it is the one that has the most significant impact on health and general well being.

Water Softeners

But as far water filtration goes, it is only part of a whole-home solution. Can you have an RO system installed in your kitchen without a water softener? Yes, but the life efficacy of the filter components on your RO system will be diminished. Depending on the water quality in your area, this can have a very detrimental effect on those components. We highly recommend installing a whole-home water softening system. But the benefits of having one go way beyond extending the life of your RO’s filters.

Benefits of Water Softeners

The benefits of having a water softener whole-home filtration system are many. Hard water is not as effective as soft water when it comes to cleaning. You will notice the most significant difference when you take a shower. You will immediately feel that when you rinse your skin with soft water, the soap will thoroughly rinse-off. With hard water, soap residue does not rinse from your skin as well, and with really hard water, some of it is even left behind. If this happens to your skin, only imagine what happens when you wash your hair.

But the water benefits of the shower is only the beginning. Since we already mentioned that hard water does not work well with soap, the same problems are present when you wash your close. Consequently, you can use a lot less detergent to wash a load than what you usually would have to use with hard water. So it essentially makes the process much more efficient since you don’t have to use as much detergent. The same applies to every time of household cleaner you use in your home.

One more advantage of having soft water is that you no longer get calcium and limescale water stains on your kitchen counter or bathroom fixtures and surfaces. So having soft water makes the cleaning of these surfaces a lot easier. Last but not least would be the extended useful life for any water appliance you use in your home; coffee makers, dishwashers, water heater, and anything else that uses water benefits from a water softener system.

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