Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that removes ions, particles, and unwanted molecules from your drinking water. It’s important to know what contaminants are removed and how the filtration process benefits you and your family.

What does a reverse osmosis filter remove?

Other various herbicides, pesticides, and contaminants

Removal of harmful contaminants serves many benefits for you and your family. Some of the contaminants removed may lead to high blood pressure, nerve damage, and even low fertility.
Another benefit worth mentioning is how the use of an RO system changes the taste of your water. Therefore, most consumers of reverse osmosis systems swear by the delicious taste of their water.

The purification process isn’t just healthier for your body, it is also environmentally friendly. Reverse osmosis makes the process of water filtration and waste reduction significantly more efficient. One major environmentally conscious perk is that it eliminates the need for buying bottled water. Today landfills are overridden with millions of water bottles that take years to break down.

The use of RO filters is highly encouraged and can be easily installed at home or at work.

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